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Central Office - Side Access

The LISA Leading Interconnect Systems Approach features generally 
  -  modular and flexible systems that grow with your network
  -  separation of incoming and outgoing fibers
  -  clever patchcord management
  -  high fiber density per footprint
  -  standardized rack dimensions (ETS and 19")
  -  rear-mounting of components within the ETS racks for best access to fibers and cables
  -  bend radius limitation of fibers, loose tubes and patchcords
  -  management for loose tubes or pre-terminated cables
  -  integration of big and small form factor connectors
  -  alternatively fusion splicing connections

Side Access Features

  -  horizontal tray
  -  intelligent tray hinge system for easy fiber access
  -  MultiCircuit (MCM) fiber management
  -  pre-terminated cassettes - MASTERLINE M3K, plug 'n' play
  -  passive optical device cassettes
  -  sideway fibers position for high laser safety
  -  up to 960 fibers using big-form-factor and 1920 fibers using SFF connectors

HUBER+SUHNER provides innovative and professional solutions for fiber optic cabling with the following modular optical distribution racks:

With a maximal capacity of 960 respectively 1920 fibers by using SFF per system rack, all application requirements with low to high fiber counts for customer premises and carrier networks can be solved. 

The fiber tray is a flexible platform for the integration of fusion splices, pre-terminated fibers and passive components - especially where incoming fibers and pigtail fibers are kept separately.