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Masterline Cabling System - Classic

MASTERLINE is a pre-terminated fiber optic cabling system with connectors on one or both sides of the cable. Factory integrated features of MASTERLINE enable high fiber count links to be constructed on site without the need for timely and expensive splicing.

All MASTERLINE cabling systems are equipped with a divider, which has been designed by HUBER+SUHNER for this specific application. horizontal tray

For demanding applications indoors and outdoors


- 2 – 144 fibers (SM, MM or HCS)
- Rugged divider with thread and slot for easy mounting
- broad temperature range in operation
- strong cable fixing
- Different cable types available
- All standard connector types can be assembled
- Watertight and rugged steel pulling tube (IP 67)
- For manual or mechanical installation in tubes
- Pre-terminated on one or both sides
- GL approval with SECUFIRE cable
- For mobile applications indoors and outdoors