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Circuit board plotter for the RF and Microwave range LPKF ProtoMat S104

Short Laser Pulses – Nondamaging Micromaterial Processing LPKF ProtoLaser R4
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PCB Prototyping
LPKF ProtoMat E44
LPKF ProtoMat E44 is an economical and compact circuit board plotter for machining circuit boards without wet chemicals.

LPKF ProtoMat S64
The all-rounder in printed circuit board processing is doing great for virtually all in-house prototyping jobs. The ProtoMat S64 masters 2.5-dimensional material machining and features a faster spindle speed of 60 000 rpm.

LPKF ProtoMat S104
The LPKF ProtoMat S104 circuit board plotter for producing PCB prototypes and small batches is configured specifically for RF and microwave applications.

LPKF ProtoLaser ST
LPKF ProtoLaser ST is tabletop system for laser structuring of PCBs enabling efficient prototyping of complex digital, analog, RF and Microwave circuit boards.

LPKF ProtoLaser S4
LPKF ProtoLaser S4 is specialized in the structuring of laminated printed circuit boards.The huge time savings mean that different layouts can be tested quickly and simply.

LPKF ProtoLaser U4
LPKF ProtoLaser U4 opens up a host of new options for product development. If you are doing your own prototyping, it can process unusual materials, deal with a complex substrate structure and is ideal for multi-layer production.

LPKF ProtoLaser R4
LPKF ProtoLaser R4 with picosecond-fast laser pulses allows for extremely precise structuring of delicate substrates and cutting of hardened or fired technical substrates.

LPKF EasyContac
LPKF EasyContac is a manual system for through-hole plating double-sided PCBs with copper-alloy rivets. It requires no special tools or chemical baths. The portable tool set includes all the required tools.

LPKF ProConduct
LPKF ProConduct is handy, extremely fast and easy to use. All holes are plated through in a parallel process. This guarantees a safe, fast and temperature-resistant result. When combined with an LPKF circuit board plotter, complete PCB prototypes can be easily produced in one day.

LPKF Contac S4
LPKF Contac S4 combines various galvanic and chemical processes in a compact safety housing. No chemical knowledge or bath analyses are required for the process. Homogeneous copper layers are produced on the walls of all through-holes, even with multilayer boards.

LPKF MultiPress S
LPKF MultiPress S presses multilayer circuits from rigid, rigid-flex and flexible PCB materials. Process control provides for a homogeneous material compound. Efficient heat dissipation assures short cooling phases. The result is optimum process times.

LPKF ProtoPrint S/-RP
LPKF ProtoPrint S and LPKF ProtoPrint S RP are precision manual stencil printers. These tabletop models can be used for prototypes and for small batches of fine pitch SMT boards.

LPKF ProtoPlace S
LPKF ProtoPlace S is a semi-automatic pick & place system for professional assembling of SMT printed circuit board prototypes and small batches. It allows a much quicker assembly of SMT printed circuit boards than before.

BGA Assembly
LPKF ProtoPlace BGA - perfect handling for the new generation of components. Assembly of highly integrated printed circuit boards is possible.

LPKF ProtoFlow S/N2
With a maximum temperature of 320°C, it is ideal reflow oven for lead-free SMT soldering. With the controlled protective gas (N2), it reduces oxidation during the soldering process, thereby optimizing the solder joints.

LPKF ProtoFlow E
LPKF ProtoFlow E is an economical convection oven for reflow of printed circuit board solder. It can be controlled via PC with an additional USB interface.

LPKF ProMask and LPKF ProLegend
For clean and professional finish of printed circuit boards, , LPKF ProMask and LPKF ProLegnd offer in-house solutions.

LPKF StencilLaser P 6060
LPKF StencilLaser P 6060 cuts stencils at the push of a button. LPKF’s StencilLaser P 6060 is a state-of-the-art production system for SMT solder paste stencils.

LPKF StencilLaser G 6080
LPKF StencilLaser G 6080 delivers notorious precision and is faster than all previous StencilLasers, making it the most productive cutting system on the stencil market today.

LPKF MicroCut 6080
LPKF MicroCut 6080 is designed to the requirements of small apertures, makes it possible to cut exact openings with a size of only 18μm on the laser entry side and 10μm on the exit side e.g. in 30μm stainless steel foil.

LPKF PowerCut 6080
LPKF PowerCut 6080 offers power and efficiencies for micromachining mechanical parts from metal sheets up to 4mm (150 mil) in thickness – with an accuracy in terms of dimensions, small radii, sharp edges, smooth and clean surfaces and steep cutting walls.