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Connectivity Solutions
Standard Range
Standard range contains connnectors B,S,KE and T. Connectors are Standard self-latching multipole connectors with alignment key, stepped inserts for alignment (of multipole version), Watertight self-latching multipole connectors with alignment key and rugged housing for extreme working conditions.

Plastic Connectors
Plastic connectors include R, RDEL P and REDEL XP connectors. Features are Rectangular self-latching connectors with plastic shell and Self-latching plastic connectors with alignment key for medical applications.

Miniature Connectors
Miniature Connectors comprises of 00, 01 and 0A connectors. They are Coaxial 50 Ω self-latching connectors, the basis of the NIM-CAMAC standard, Smallest self-latching coaxial 50 Ω connectors and Coaxial self-latching connectors for video or telecommunication applications.
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Rigged Connectors
Rugged connectors have 4 types depending on the requirements. It allows multipole connects from 2- to 114 depending on the type used. Features include push/pull self latching, different sizes, keying options and dark finish.

3T Connectors are watertight coaxial and triaxial connectors for TV Camera applications. They provide different features depending upon their series.Allows multiple shell styles. They work in temperature range of -55c to 200c.
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Hybrid Electrical
Hybrid electrical-fibre optic self-latching connector for HDTV applications (SMPTE / ARIB / EBU Standard). It is hybrid with 2 fibre optic contacts, 2 signal contacts 2 power contacts and ground.

High Pressure Connector
HIgh pressure connectors offers 03, V, W and U connectores depending upon the presssure factor. these connectors vary from 10 bars of pressure to 300 bars of pressure.
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High Voltage Connectors
High voltage connectors are Single contact self-latching high voltage connector with a test voltage from 5 to 70 kV d.c., Miniature single contact high voltage self-latching connector with a test voltage of 12kV d.c. and Multi high voltage rectangular connectors for research applications.

Cable Assembly
Cable Assembly enables connecting solution that meets your specific requirements, including special materials, personalized layout and cable assembly.